She was born in Athens – Greece in 1959.





1985-86 St, Martin’s School of Art London – UK.

1985 Byam Shaw School of Art London – UK.

1979- 84 Academy of Fine Arts – Athens – Greece.

1978- 79 Group for the Education and Communication in Art. Athens – Greece.



Personal  Shows

2017 Keas Gallery Kea- Greece

2016 Museum of Folk Art, Baths- The winds- Athens, installation and paintings

2015 Alatza Imaret – Salonica installation and paintings

2011 Gallery EKFRASI – Athens, installation and paintings

2008 Institute of Greek Civilization – Berlin Germany.Paintings and Instalations

2007 RED Gallery Athens Greece. Paintings

2007 Elouda Mare, Elouda – Creete, Paintings

2007 Pici Gallery Seoul –Korea, Paintings and Instalations

2006 IANOS Gallery Athens – Greece, Paintings

2006 Tenri Cultural Institute NY.- USA. Paintings and Instalations

2006 IONOS Gallery Karditsa – Greece. Paintings

2006 Nees Morfes Gallery Athens – Greece Paintings and Instalation

1995 INFO CAFÉ Gallery Athens – Greece Jewllery and miniatures

1993 Nees Morfes Gallery Athens – Greece Paintings

1989 Nees Morfes Gallery Athens – Greece Paintings


Group Shows

2018 Paper Moon Contemporary Art Museum Rethymnon- Crete Greece

2016 The 80’s generation Gallery Ekfrassi- Athens Greece

2016 The Healing power- Xenia Epidauros- Greece

2016 Donopoulos Gallery – Sallonica- Greece

2014 Art Fair International Zurich  Zurich- Switzerland

2014 KIAF Seoul- Korea

2013 Covert Narratives- Tenri Cultural Institute- New York currated by Th.Vrachopoulos

2013 International Triennale of Textile – Lodzt – Poland

2012 International Biennale of Santorini- Pyrgos Santorini

2011 International Paper Biennale – Sofia Boulgaria currated by Thalia Vrachopoulos

2010 “ Traicing Istanbul” Halki Monastery.currated by Iris Kritikou.

2010  “Melange a trois” Katakouzenow Foundation

2010 Votanokipos Kefalonia- currated by Bia Papadopoulou

2009  “50 Years After”  Benaki Museum Athens –  curated by Nees Morfes

2009 International Women’s Biennale Seoul- Korea  opening 2  August 2009 curator Thalia Vrachopoulos

2009 ‘The Dynamic in Painting” Athens –  Theocharakis Institute curator Dora Heliopoulou-Rogan

2009 ‘Shades of white’ Santorini – Belonia Institute  curator  Iris Kritikou

2009 Technopolis- Athens “Resist’’ UNISEF curator Dora Heliopoulou- Rogan

2009 Melina Merkouri- Athens  “ Notes for a tree” curator Iris Kritikou

2009 Museum of Contemporary Art – Salonica “ Material Links” curators Iris Kritikou, Diane Freudl

2008 Technopolis- Athens “ Material Links”

2008 MoCA  Shanghai – China “ Material Links “ curators Iris Critikou, Diane Freudl

2007 Metamorfoses Gallery Sallonica -Greece “ Anthografies “ curator Haris Kambourides

2006 State Museum of Art Sallonica Greece “ Crossing the Borders”

2006 About AIDS Kavala Greece curator M. Athanasiadou

2006 IANOS Gallery  Athens Greece “In the field”.

2005 Greek Conference for AIDS Divani Hotel Athens Greece curator M. Athnasiadou

1998 Gallery Classing Munster –Germany

1996 Consul Gallery Tinos Greece Tino’s Contemporary Art

1994 Scarparentola Florence Italy

1993 Greek Union of Phsycoanalysis and phsycotherapy Athens Greece

1992 Three Women Painters Aria Gallery Cephalonia Greece curator Makis Kapatos

1991 Aria Gallery Cephaloinia Greece

1991 Goethe Institute Athens Greece curator Dora Heliopoulou Rogan

1990 Dallas- Texas USA  “ Contemporary Greek Art “ curator Dora Heliopoulou Rogan

1988 St.Mary’s Hospital Opening Show London UK curator Sarah Freeman

1988 Smith’s Gallery Covent Garden London UK curator Sarah Freeman

1987 Panhellinia  Show of Painting Atehns Greece

1987 Smith’s Gallery Covent Garden , London UK curator Sarah Freeman

1986 Fulham Palace London UK Riverside Artsists Group

1986 7th Floor Gallery London  UK


Forth coming Shows

2017 January Gallery7- Athens-group show -Abstraction

2017 May The Menards- Solo show at the Archaeological Museum of Salonica



Tina Karageorgi has also worked as Art Director for the film “Black Out “, by Menelaos Karamagiols, and nominated for the Award in 1998, at the International Film Festval in Sallonica.

She also designs and works with old techniques furniture.



Publications and essays

2011 “ Translations- Transpositions- Metaphors” by philosopher Alexander Nehamas

2009 Brooklyn rail –International Site by Robert Morgan

2007 “ Bluebird in the dead of night” by Robert Morgan international artcritic artist

2007 TA NEA  newspaper  by Harris Kambourides arhistorian

2007 “ Whispering Pines “ by Jonathan Goodman artcritic for www. greekworks.com

2006 “ Whispering Breezes among the Pines “ by Thalia Vrachopoulos exhibitions Director of Terni Cultural Istitute

2006 “ The gaze within” by Giuliano Serafini arhistorian artcritic

2005 “ Diving into the transparency of the Landscape” by Harris Kambourides artcritic- semiologist member of The Academia Europaea

1993 “ The quality of the fragmentary writing by Anna Kfetsi director of Athens Museum of Contemporary Art

1990 The Athens Hilton Magazine

1989 Kathimerini press by Dora Heliopoulou Rogan


1993 Greek television Channel 1. Presentation

2006 The Era of Images, Art Program  by Katerina Zacharopoulou Greek Tlevision Channel  1

2008 Shanghai Art News – Shanghai Television


With this body of work I am taking a sideways look into the ongoing commercial overtake of culture and into the ironical outcomes of imposing western cultural paradigmsupon other civilizations which are seen as somehow inferior. The irony is alsoaimed at the phobias of certain fanatical strands of contemporary Islamic practice towards – and against – women, art, beauty and the freedom of speech.

I work in a mixed technique whichhas developed into an integrated approach to both the materials I combine and the semiology of the forms I use. A multi-layered composition of transparences allows me to build considerable visual and semantic depth. Using the subtlety of an Oriental technical and visual ‘language,’employing among others transparencies and brush marks, I build an imagery where meaning lies within an ‘aesthetic’ image. I perceive‘the aesthetic’in opposition to the imagery of brutality which pervadescontemporary art andcan be correlated with the banishment of ‘poetry’ by fundamentalist Islam.

In my latest work I have introduced neon light not merely as signs but as elements that enhance the depth of my painting and punctuate its narrative.

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